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D i g i t a l   P h o t o g r a p h y

A camera (still or video) is just a tool.  It does not "imagine" an image.  It is an extension to the creative process of the photographer and allows him or her to capture what has been visualized in the mind.  The value or cost of a camera does not always equate to good or even great images.  As a photographer you must understand the "tool" in your hand so it can help you record the light you have observed.  That's right, you need to see light.  The direction of the light, its quality (hard or soft), its range (pure white to complete black), contrast & shadow detail.  The composition and in-camera cropping of the subject then helps to refine and convey the message of the image you see in your mind.  Great images stir emotions, provoke thought and should make the observer to pause.  On this site you will see images created with a variety of cameras over a period of many years.  One image presented below was not originally a digital image at all.  It was created with a professional medium format Bronica SQ 6X6 film camera and recorded on professional color negative film and printed by a pro color lab on a 6X6 print.  From there it was eventually scanned to a digital file.  Can you find it?  The other images were created by an early Sony digital camera, a Pentax *ist DS six megapixel DSLR, a Panasonic DMC-TS2 fourteen megapixel pocket camera and a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. 

So, which one is which?

- marhargen -

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